Check Out the 2020 Land Rover Velar

The 2020 Land Rover Velar sports some great features and the all-important Land Rover brand name. This car has been available since the middle of 2017 but has been unjustly criticized. The Velar starts at $57,000 which is affordable for those that have other models that Land Rover produces. There are more expensive options like the 2020 SVAutobiography Dynamic which costs over $90,000.

The Velar is smaller than the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The Velar has drawn some negative comments about the lack of comfort when compared to other models. What cannot be said is that the vehicle is not stylish as it has the staple great looks that any Range Rover is known for,

Exterior and Overall Look

As far as the exterior goes, the Velar is not very different from the larger Range Rovers. The Velar has an argument for being the most attractive vehicle in the family. There are a variety of colors to pick from as well as has retracting door handles for an extremely sleek look.

Features and Interior

You can easily fit up to 5 people although the 3rd row leaves something to be desired. The passengers will be fighting for legroom as the Velar is shorter than the Range Rover Sport. The front seats are the best feature as they can be adjusted in various ways and the seats include massagers, heating, and cooling.

 The Velar has larger wheels but does not drive like the other Ranger Rovers. The majority of controls can be monitored and adjusted on a touchscreen. The standard model comes with faux leather although you can upgrade to genuine leather throughout the vehicle.



Safety Features        

There is a myriad of safety features that are available but most are optional and will cost you. You do get automatic emergency braking and lane-departure standard which is something you will be happy about. Adaptive cruise control, active lane control, and blind-spot monitors are going to cost a bit extra.


The 2020 Velar comes with three different powertrain options which are different than those available in the other Range Rover models. The engine is a turbocharged 4-cylinder that offers 247 horsepower. There is a turbo option that is a V6 diesel that is gone in the 2020 model. The better engines are the 3.0L supercharged V6 options which can offer 335 to 380 horsepower.

Gas Mileage and Prices

The Velar starts at $57,000 which can quickly jump up in price depending on the additional features you opt for. The highest that this model goes is $92,000 with all features included and the best engine included.

The standard engine gets 23 miles per gallon which the V6 supercharged engine gets 20 miles per gallon. The V8 engine will only get 15 miles per gallon and 20 on the highway. The honest truth is that it might be wise to just opt for the Range Rover Sport as a much better option.