Here Comes the Fabulous New 2020 Mustang Shelby

Ford has previewed its 2020 Mustang Shelby which has garnered mixed reviews. The design is incredible but at a $75,000 starting price, it is more expensive than cars with similar features. Those that love the car think the price is justified due to the incredible stylish exterior and the multitude of features on the inside. Below is what you need to know about this version of one of Ford’s most famous car models.

Highest Price Tag Ever for a Mustang

Other Ford Mustangs are a fraction of the cost of the 2020 Shelby GT500 as it can cost close to $100,000 if you decide to get the car fully loaded. The Carbon Fiber Track package includes carbon-fiber wheels, sports tires, and a rear-seat that can be removed. This package is going to cost $18,500 and while not necessary, this package will improve the car’s performance.

Holy Engine!

Mustangs all have quite powerful engines but the Shelby dwarfs other engines. With a V-8 and over 750 horsepower, you will be able to get off the line in a hurry. The top speed is 180 which almost no driver will reach safely unless on some kind of race track. The materials Ford has put out about the Shelby claims that it can break 10 seconds in a quarter-mile.

The Tech Features are Second to None

The tech package is incredible as it comes with upgraded audio features and can sync with Apple CarPlay. The safety features of the tech package include rain-sensing wipers, puddle lamps, and a blind-spot warning. The package will cost around $3,000 which seems reasonable for what the buyer receives.

Color Options are Abundant

The exterior of the Shelby is one of the most attractive cars on the market at this current time. The car comes with 11 options for colors that include quite a few extra colors than come standard with other Mustangs. Racing stripes can be added and you can even customize the color of your roof.

You Will Be Taxed

One of the major drawbacks besides the price of the Shelby is the additional tax that you will be paying. The price includes a $2,600 gas tax which has led customers to pay over $10,000 more than the last model that was released which was the Shelby GT350. The look does deliver and this can be a great car if budget is not an option.

What We Think

The 2020 Shelby GT500 is something that Ford can be proud of as even critics of the price comment on the quality and look of the car. The technology available along with upgrades will cause the price to jump a bit so this is something you need to keep in mind while shopping around. Rather than pay close to $100,000 for a new Shelby GT500 you can get one for quite a discount by waiting a few years. Ford produces durable cars so getting this model used might be best if you do not have the money currently which very few people do.