Top Benefits of Buying a Pickup Truck

Is it time for you to think about buying a pickup truck? Here are some benefits and reasons you might consider parking a pickup in your driveway soon.

From furniture to lumber to camping equipment, you can load the pickup bed with anything and drive anywhere – even the roughest of roads. Basically, they are versatile for pretty much any use you throw at it.

Regardless if you’re taking the snowmobile to the mountains, or your child’s furniture to their dorm, or towing a boat to the lake, a pickup gives you the power to tow whatever you require. Most pickups can tow up to 12000 pounds, with the more heavy duty models going up to 22500 pounds – bottom line is you can tow pretty much anything with a pickup.

Pickups aren’t bumpy on the road anymore like the old days. Roomy back seat, four doors and most importantly – a super smooth ride are bog standard now, as are many of the other practicalities you see on most automobiles. The end result is a comfortable and quiet ride experience.

Better road vision is achieved in a pickup, due to the high sitting position. Modern pickups also have the same safety features as in other cars – 4WD, stability control, air bags, dynamic braking, etc. The powerful steel body of some pickups are preferred by some safety conscious drivers over aluminium bodies.

Gas mileage for modern pickups is better than you might expect. This is because they are lighter, and also their engines have incorporated technology to make them more efficient in specific driving conditions. 

Some pickups are highly affordable when on lease because of their high residual value. Some drivers end up leasing a double cab pickup instead of a sedan because the monthly payment is lower.

Pickups have been said to be replacing the family car - almost any amenity seen in a luxury car is also available in a pickup.