Mazda Lineup 2020

Mazda has been enjoying its best sales over time with topping 1.5 million units sold in both 2017 and 2018. The Japanese carmaker is not the 14th largest automobile brand in the entire world. The US is where the most cars were sold due to the quality and affordability the brand offers. This success has led plenty of consumers to look forward to the 2020 Mazda models.

The introduction of the newest Skyactiv-X engine has allowed the brand to garner even more attention. This is an internal combustion engine that has appealed to a variety of consumers and is seen as one of the top engines in the entire auto industry.

The dedication to the environment is also a focus with the company planning on putting some form of electric capabilities into all models by 2030. The brand only plans on making 5 percent of its cars fully electric with the bulk being hybrid versions. The brand with its new combustion engine will continue to utilize this for the foreseeable future.

2020 Mazda 3

Both the hatchback and sedan versions of the Mazda 3 are using the Skyactiv-X combustion technology. The Mazda 3 does not lack in style as it is seen as one of the most stylish non-luxury models on all of the market. The interior looks more upscale than ever and provides sound insulation for a quiet ride. The safety features include a cross-traffic alert and traffic support system.

The main focus of the new Mazda 3 has a diesel-type petrol engine which leads to superior fuel efficiency. This option is limited with the US not having access to this as of yet. The car is available in both automatic and manual transmissions along with all-wheel drive which is the first time the Mazda 3 has offered this option.

The improvements to this model have led to increases in pricing by a few thousand dollars. With the new technology, this model might see a decline in sales as it is already an expensive compact car.

2020 CX-30

The CX-30 is a new model that debuts in 2020 which is a crossover that provides a great option in today’s ultra-competitive market. This vehicle shares quite a lot in common with the Mazda 3 that has been mentioned above. The sound insulation is one of these features which makes this one of the smoothest running crossovers on the market.

The CX-30 sports 186-horsepower and a 2.5-liter engine that has a 6-speed automatic gearbox. You can also opt for all-wheel drive in this model although front-wheel drive comes standard. 2019 had a low number of sales compared to the few years before that were very successful and this model looks to help the brand recover.

Mazda has a plethora of cars that not only deliver on affordability but also are quality vehicles. With the hybrid versions that will be coming out, there will be a focus on reducing each driver’s carbon footprint. Take the time to try out a drive in a Mazda 3 as you do not know what you are missing.