The 2020 Toyota Sedans

Toyota is one of the most famous brands worldwide due to the quality cars that they produce year in and year out. The value of these vehicles is widely known and the sedans remain popular even in the age of the SUV. The different models can provide ultimate value as well as a stylish look at reasonable price points. Below are some highlights of the 2020 Toyota sedan lineup.

2020 Toyota Yaris

The 2020 Toyota Yaris starts at a little under $16,000 and gets great fuel mileage with 32 miles per gallon in city and 40 on the highway. There are options for a hatchback that differ in overall quality as all the trims do. The lightweight body makes this narrow car perfect for those that drive quite a bit for work. There is great legroom for backseat passengers and allows up 4 people to sit comfortably.

The basic L model has a myriad of features like that of a touchscreen system and the ability to connect to Bluetooth. Toyota also includes safety features like that lane departure warnings and an emergency automatic braking system.

2020 Toyota Corolla

The price starts at $19,600 and gets great fuel efficiency with 31 and 40 miles per gallon for city/highway driving. The hybrid version tops 50 miles per gallon in the city or on the highway. The Corolla has been a staple of sedans and sells a myriad of units globally. With a price that is under $20,000 the value that the sedan brings is amazing.

The basic model of the Corolla L has the Toyota Sense safety package that comes standard which allows for collision detection and even pedestrian detection. There are a variety of trim options and you can go the eco-friendly route with the hybrid option.


2020 Toyota Camry

The 2020 Camry starts at around $24,500 and has been one of the top-selling models for decades. At 41 miles per gallon on the highway and 29 in the city, this model is extremely efficient. Hybrid models top 50 miles per gallon on both the highway and in the city.

The 2020 Camry is very highly rated by drivers around the world. The 2020 model has more space than previous years and the look can be compared with many luxury sedans that come at far high price points. The hybrid version is going to increase the starting price by $4,000 so keep this in mind.

There are two different engines that you can select from which include a 4 cylinder engine that sports 203 horsepower. The v6 engine gives the vehicle 301 horsepower which is a huge increase from previous years.

The backup camera, the touchscreen, and Bluetooth all come standard. Not enough can be said about this model of car as it has been one of the top sellers along with Corolla in the US.

Toyota will continue to amaze the automotive world with the sedans that they always seem to offer at the best price possible. Toyota isn’t going anywhere as their cars are known for durability and reliability at a great price.