The Brand New 2020 Fiat 500

The Fiat is one of the most recognizable vehicles around and it is being redesigned. Taking on the challenge is tough since the car is considered a staple of the road with drivers loving every minute of driving in it. The redesign stays true to older models as it has not been completely revamped unless you are considering the technology the car sports.

The Fiat has long been known for being a great value at its price point. The new 500 might leave former Fiat drivers scratching their heads as the price is in line with luxury cars. The 500 is still shaped like others of the past although it is longer and wider. The headlights sit in a higher position and the door handles are carved into the car. The 500’s line-up will have a convertible style, a wagon, and a hardtop.

The passengers will see the largest differences and the dashboard has a touchscreen that allows for ultimate entertaining while driving. The 500 is totally electric and sports a 42-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack which helps the car attain its 118 horsepower. The driving range is 199 miles so this is not the best option for longer trips but can be perfect for a commute to and from work. The top speed is 93 miles per hour and the battery only takes 35 minutes to charge up to 80 percent. A drawback is that you will have to wait a full 14 hours if you plug it into a traditional outlet like you would a phone or laptop.

There is a bit of guessing going on with what other options will be available that possibly have a shorter driving range and a smaller battery. The new 500 is not widely available and is only available in a few European markets. The cost is around $42,000 which is a huge increase and is comparable with some Mercedes Benz models. The pricing will not impact Americans though as the model will not be sold in the United States.

The 2019 model is the last to debut in the US and the company opted not to sell in the US market due to struggling sales. Consumers in the US likely would not purchase the 500 due to the price almost doubling and the driving range decreasing immensely. Other similar cars have had success in Europe but flopped in the United States for a variety of reasons. The Honda E and Volkswagen ID.3 were both developed specifically to be sold and driven in Europe.

Fiat will produce the 500 in its hometown of Turin, Italy. Other models will continue to be built in different areas of Europe. The Fiat 500 is sure to confuse many consumers due to the high price point without features that warrant the price point. The tough truth is that the 500 might not be able to change much in terms of volume of sales. Most people do not want virtually the same car for double the price and under 200 miles of driving range.